Haha.Got this email few days ago.This email require me to update my CIMBClicks which is me personally do not have CIMB account.What a shame for these sender.For adding the curiosity,the email of the sender.It should stated or cimb bla bla,but here is kan?After that I reply these email “nicely” and fully “courtesy”. πŸ™‚


Most of my friends asked why they can find my online shop page in the Facebook,I told them that it is closed for while.Currently busy looking for other product/item and it will be published once it’s done.


This is how I spend my time all the day long.Dating with Kardashians family.Haha.That’s my favourite show,even it is repeated and repeated. πŸ™‚

*Just got the watermark.It is made by this lovely preggy blogger Zie Madini.Just RM5 for two watermark.And she give me extra one watermark.How lovely it is!!Who want the order the watermark can go her website to check on that.


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