Rainy Interview


Today is heavenly rain in north.The rain poured started on 10am something.Kuasa Tuhan,rite?Got interview today,but it is unacceptable.Why I say so?Because I apply for management trainee(kononlah) but when in the interview the CEO of Company(diulang big bos a.k.a Senior Manager a.k.a CEO yer) told me that need to the marketing first.The company will set up the booth and we need to interact with customer.For adding my curious,the company is so small yet they do have Astro(that’s the part attract me most) just only have two room.Erkk,fine with that.The boss do put his IPAD and also SAMSUNG PHONE on his table to impress us(dua orang calon masuk sekali which me and seorang lagi Indian men).But I do not give any damn,enough with sales and marketing because my first job after graduate I worked as sales executive for one of Bumiputra big company in Malaysia.Yes,little choosy when come to this part,but I bet everyone do have their own dreams.I pray to god that all will be good.Insyallah 

*Mainly start onwards my typing will do have some mix of language.Hehe.Can’t stop it like eating Rojak(Malaysian people’s food). 🙂


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