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Haha.Got this email few days ago.This email require me to update my CIMBClicks which is me personally do not have CIMB account.What a shame for these sender.For adding the curiosity,the email of the sender.It should stated or cimb bla bla,but here is kan?After that I reply these email “nicely” and fully “courtesy”. 🙂


Most of my friends asked why they can find my online shop page in the Facebook,I told them that it is closed for while.Currently busy looking for other product/item and it will be published once it’s done.


This is how I spend my time all the day long.Dating with Kardashians family.Haha.That’s my favourite show,even it is repeated and repeated. 🙂

*Just got the watermark.It is made by this lovely preggy blogger Zie Madini.Just RM5 for two watermark.And she give me extra one watermark.How lovely it is!!Who want the order the watermark can go her website to check on that.


People Today


“Dengki (In English envy or jealousy)”

I think this is normal behaviour among human right?It is ok for us to gave this feeling.So many example that we can envy which for positive thing,Tetapi kalau terlalu banyak perasaan dengki/jealous pun susah jugak kan?This is what me and my family facing now.Due to some ours “lovely” neighbour attidue,what I can look they can’t see other people is more up than them.They will create a stories which is perggh(very the mantop-mantop meletup cerita) till you will think so many times either it is unacceptable or not.There are many example happened in front of me because of that, it comes to one time I think this is typical Malay attidue(not at all but some of them).Some people will love see their “enemy” fall down.Kalau orang lain lebih sedikit,perasaan dengki akan membuak-membuak.Sesetengahnya akan buat perkara-perkara di luar jangkaan.Jangan tak tahu sesetengah suka main ilmu hitam(black magic) semata-mata nak jatuhkan orang yang dia tak suka.Can we live in harmonies or peaceful for a while?Penat tau nak hadapi orang-orang macam ini.


“And they became divided only after Knowledge reached them,- through selfish envy as between themselves. Had it not been for a Word that went forth before from thy Lord, (tending) to a Term appointed, the matter would have been settled between them: But truly those who have inherited the Book after them are in suspicious (disquieting) doubt concerning it.”

(Asy-Syuura 42:14)

Saloma-Mengapa dirindu

Today,mixture feeling for me.Well,unable to describe it when it comes to close person for me.But it is OK,whatever they have done to me I need to move forward.

*My dearest family(ies) please stated whatever that you unsatisfied in front of me not do something childish which is I can see it.I know you are the top one and we unable to bet you.

You name it :)

My first attempt typing wordpress using my 2 years blackberry.Yehooo!! I can update it anytime.

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Rainy Interview


Today is heavenly rain in north.The rain poured started on 10am something.Kuasa Tuhan,rite?Got interview today,but it is unacceptable.Why I say so?Because I apply for management trainee(kononlah) but when in the interview the CEO of Company(diulang big bos a.k.a Senior Manager a.k.a CEO yer) told me that need to the marketing first.The company will set up the booth and we need to interact with customer.For adding my curious,the company is so small yet they do have Astro(that’s the part attract me most) just only have two room.Erkk,fine with that.The boss do put his IPAD and also SAMSUNG PHONE on his table to impress us(dua orang calon masuk sekali which me and seorang lagi Indian men).But I do not give any damn,enough with sales and marketing because my first job after graduate I worked as sales executive for one of Bumiputra big company in Malaysia.Yes,little choosy when come to this part,but I bet everyone do have their own dreams.I pray to god that all will be good.Insyallah 

*Mainly start onwards my typing will do have some mix of language.Hehe.Can’t stop it like eating Rojak(Malaysian people’s food). 🙂


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Start the morning with Bismillah and Subuh prayer.Thank god still be given the new day to live.Well,today first plan is renew my license.Wehuu,already passed the two years trial license P and now get the REAL license I believe. 🙂 But quite ashamed because in this such old age (27 for me is already considered old) just got the license.After that heading to Pejabat Pendidikan to get the Guru Ganti form.Well,need to fill the form first after that attach all the document.Did I tell you,that we need get the supporting signature either from the previous school or any other government officer.For me it is quite troublesome.Haha.My parents obviously love if I work as a teacher meanwhile for myself I just go through it.Fullstop.”Bak Kata : Syurga di bawah tapak kaki Ibu”

Welcome back to North Honey!!!


Since 2004 till 2012,i have been stayed at the south of Malaysia,now the time for me to come back.It is sad,but it will be a good start for a new chapter/book in my life.Thank You Allah,for giving this great chances.It is big decision but I think I’ll survive.*Still in jobless mood.Oh Job,can you come to mama please?